After a one-year absence, Independence Day pyrotechnics are expected to soar over the Sea Bright beach. (Photo by Wil Fulton. Click to enlarge)


This summer, Sea Brighters and visitors to the coastal town will once again be able to ring in Independence Day with a boom, thanks in part to the generous help of a Mercer County town.

The borough’s annual fireworks display is to be partly funded by the town of Robbinsville, which has “adopted” the storm-wracked borough and recently donated a used police car to the borough.

Originally to be funded solely by the Businesses of Sea Bright – formerly the Sea Bright Business Alliance –  the show is slated for Saturday, July 6.

Robbinsville is “offering to cover the lion’s share of the cost,” Mayor Dina Long announced at Tuesday night’s borough council meeting.

Long noted that the firworks vendor being supplied by Robbinsville is not available on the 3rd, 4th or 5th, but that the 6th is a Saturday, and is the original rain date the borough used during previous fireworks in case of inclement weather.

Long said she communicated with members of the BSB, who had originally offered to cover the costs of the entire show, and that they were thrilled Robbinsville had agreed to cover most of the expenses.

“The next step is giving Robinsville a yes or a no, and then figuring out what the expenses are, and what the BSB will have to cover on our end,” Long said.

“I think it’s a no-brainer, as long as the BSB is okay with it and are willing to work with Robbinsville,” said Councilman Marc Leckstein.

In January, Robbinsville declared Sea Bright a sister city according to Long, who praised the efforts of Robbinsville Mayor Dave Fried for spearheading the project.

Last summer, Sea Bright cancelled its annual July 4th fireworks due to concerns police would not be able to muster enough support to handle crowds after Red Bank’s Kaboom fireworks were canceled over funding issues and Rumson followed suit.

“I love fireworks, and I know my daughters do too, but when they occur, can I assume there will be extra police forces in-town this time?” one resident asked.

Police Chief John Sorrentino responded that his department will have extra support that will figure in as part of the overall costs, likely part of the portion that will be covered by the BSB.