Wood you happen to know what and Where this is? Send us an email, if only to guess, please.

Last week’s photo used a reflection off glass to flip things a bit.

Everyone who wrote in guessed that the building shown in the reflection was a Red Bank restaurant. One thought it was Char Steakhouse on Broad Street. Another guessed it was the now-shuttered Sienna Grille on Shrewsbury Avenue, but later wrote back to change his answer to Buona Sera Ristorante, at the corner of Maple Avenue and Monmouth Street.

That was correct, as nearly everyone knew. But we got a range of answers as to where the window was. One thought it was “on an upper floor of 90 Monmouth Street,” also known as the municipal building. Another thought it was at the Red Bank Sleep Shoppe on Maple.

As most recognized, however, the window is on the building at the southeast corner of Maple and Monmouth that’s occupied part of the year by H&R Block and vacant most other times.

Thanks for writing in go out to Paul Finn, Gale Brennan, Richard Morris, Michael McMahon, Yvonne MacDonald, HarleyWTD, Jenn Woods, Parker Trasborg, Ashleigh Kennedy, John Ekdahl, Trisha White, Boris Kofman, Peter Simpson, Grace Wingerter, Maria T. Doherty, Lindsey Hintelmann, the Colmorgen Kids, Jill Kozlowski, Nancy Banta, Sandra Talarico, Robert Clark, Mike Simpson, Les Hathaway, Kay Vilardi, Lydia Hardie, Mary Ellen Hillery-Popola, Alan Fisher and Adam O’Brien.