HOT-TOPIC_03Red Bank council candidate Sean Di Somma tells redbankgreen that no warrant was ever issued for his arrest for running a stop sign in Dallas almost three years ago, contrary to an assertion by the Monmouth County Democrats.

Di Somma, a Republican, said he confirmed that there was no warrant with the Dallas police Thursday night, hours after Democratic party head Vin Gopal issued an unsigned press release claiming that “an active warrant has been issued for his arrest since 2011 in the State of Texas for a speeding issue.”

“There is no warrant,” Di Somma said Friday morning. “Dallas police verbally confirmed to me that there is no warrant.”

Di Somma was issued a ticket for running a stop sign in Dallas on January, 2011, according to the records.

Though no name appeared on the press release as issuer or contact person, incumbent Democratic Councilwoman Kathy Horgan said it came from Gopal, and that she knew nothing about the matter until late Thursday afternoon.

Citing a document titled “Warrant of Arrest Notice” provided to the media by the county Dems, Di Somma said the paperwork itself makes clear that there was no warrant.

“It is not a warrant,” Di Somma said. “It says a warrant may be issued for your arrest. There was no warrant issued.”

Di Somma said that he learned in following up on the matter Thursday night that Dallas PD’s records showed that the $434.35 fine was still outstanding, though he maintains he paid it long ago. Unable to immediately obtain a canceled check he said proves he paid the fine almost three years ago, Di Somma said he paid the fine online with a credit card after speaking to the police.

Di Somma said his online banking records are only available for the past 18 months, and he had to request older records Thursday night.

Di Somma said the Democrats’ actions “confirmed that they’re just lying politicians. They lie about their record and they’re lying about me. ”

He said he would consult a lawyer about possible legal action.

A call to the office of Monmouth County Democratic chairman Vin Gopal was not immediately returned Friday morning.