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A long-dormant Red Bank election season erupted in finger-pointing Thursday as Democrats accused Republican newcomer Sean DiSomma of ducking an arrest warrant over a traffic violation in Texas two years ago.

DiSomma, right, called the airing of the matter “dirty politics from dirty politicians.”

Here’s a press release issued by the Monmouth County Democrats shortly before 5 p.m.:

The following is a statement from the Monmouth County Democrats regarding the active arrest Warrant out for Red Bank Council Candidate Sean Di Somma:

“Mr. Di Somma wants to talk about fiscal responsibility and transparency but voters have a right to know that an active warrant has been issued for his arrest since 2011 in the State of Texas for a speeding issue. Mr. Di Somma, who only registered to vote in October of 2012 in Red Bank and has documentation that he resided in Bergen County as late as April of 2013, is now asking residents in Red Bank to trust him with their tax dollars.

We don’t know anyone running for public office, at any time, Democrat or Republican, who has had an active warrant out for their arrest and is at the same time asking voters to trust them with their vote. Mr. Di Somma either didn’t know about the warrant or chose not to pay for it – both are equally disturbing for someone who wants to handle our tax dollars. The residents of Red Bank have a right to know who is on their ballot.

Mr. Di Somma, who has lived in Red Bank for less than 1 year, is now questioning the transparency of the Red Bank Council? Maybe he should start by telling Red Bank residents which laws he will choose to follow and which ones he won’t.

Copy of warrant can be given if requested.

Outstanding Warrants can be verified here –

Sean DiSomma

Case Number C19-004298-07

Di Somma, appearing with his opponents at a candidates’ forum at Calvary Baptist Church Thursday evening, told redbankgreen he remembered getting a ticket for running a stop sign in Dallas and sending a check afterward to pay it. He said he had received no notices since then.

“I know for a fact that I sent them a check,” he said. “No doubt. I just have to see what the status was.”

Di Somma, quipping that the Democrats had done him a favor because he’s going to Dallas on business next month, said “this sort of thing happens to a lot of people. I don’t know if it’s factual or it’s not factual, but this is just dirty politicians being dirty politicians.”

Democratic incumbent Kathy Horgan told redbankgreen the warrant was “very troubling.

“There are rules and regulations and it’s a very serious issue to have a warrant for your arrest,” she said.

Asked why the press release came from the Monmouth County Democrats, Horgan said, “because it came from the county chairman,” Vin Gopal. “I didn’t have anything to do with it. I just learned about it this afternoon.”

Here’s the warrant, supplied by the county Democrats: di somma warrant