If this is an easy Where, well, you’ve urned it. Send you answers to wherehaveiseenthis@redbankgreen.com, please.

The payphone –  the term phone ‘booth’ never really applied to this version, did it? – shown in last week’s Where Have I Seen This? is a double rarity for actually having a working telecommunications device in it. Are there any others in the area?

A dime’s worth of readers wrote in, and most of them got the location right: on Chestnut Street in Red Bank, near the train station.

Thanks to Evie Kelly, Jason Unterman, brazengal, Macy Riley, David Prown, the Colmorgen Kids, Cindy Burnham, Claude Ashton, Jill Kozlowski, Les Hathaway, Trish DePonti and Chrissy for writing in. Please, do call again!