RBR_HIGH_SCHOOLPress release from Red Bank Regional High School

A few openings are still available for the Red Bank Regional (RBR) Little Bucs Preschool Program, which operates in the preschool lab in the high school building at 101 Ridge Road in Little Silver.  The pre-school program takes place three mornings a week from Wednesday through Friday.  Opening day is October 9 and the program ends in early June.  The program accepts three and four-year olds from the RBR sending school towns of Little Silver, Red Bank, Shrewsbury and neighboring towns. It is run primarily as a community service and includes a small fee of $100 for the school year, which is charged to defray costs associated with special projects or semi-annual field trips to such destinations as Huber Woods and Holmdel Park. Anyone interested in inquiring about this year’s program can contact the preschool director and RBR teacher, Susan Eads, at 732-842-8000 ext. 331, or email her at

The RBR Little Bucs Pre-school program has operated for many years as part of the pre-school lab curriculum, where high school students plan and operate a nursery school in a fully equipped pre-school classroom.  The Preschool Lab is a natural sequence to the prerequisite Child and Personal Development course which covers neonatal development through adolescence. It attracts students interested in exploring careers in early childhood development, education, child psychology and nursing.

The program is run by 20-year veteran Susan Eads who has supervised the pre-school for the past 11 years.  It maintains a child-to-student teacher ratio of one-to-one and features arts and crafts, music, story-time, free play, gym, show-and tell and circle time.  It promotes socialization and large and small motor skill development.

Mrs. Eads states of the unique benefits of the program for both her older and youngest students, “The program provides a mutual benefit for both ends of the age spectrum. Our students get an incredible hands-on teaching opportunity while the youngsters are afforded a wonderful socialization experience and an early introduction to their future high school. A strong bond develops between the high school students and pre-schoolers where, by the end of the year, no one wants to say goodbye. ”