Yes, the above image is from somewhere in the wide open world we call the greater Red Bank Green. Do you recognize it? Can you tell us Where you’ve seen it? If so, or you simply want to guess, drop us an email at wherehaveiseenthis@redbankgreen.com, please.

Last week, Where showed you coins lying on a sidewalk. How is that a Where? Well, for starters, they’ve been there for years. Apparently bound in place by some clear epoxy or other adhesive.

Location: River Road in Red Bank, at the southwest corner at Lake Avenue.

Who got it? Joe Marczak. He writes:

I walk past it almost daily. Always caught my attention because it’s not the usual handprint or name in cement.

What surprised us here at Where Have I Seen This? (WHIST?) HQ is who didn’t get it – and no, we don’t mean only Wheregulars like Trish DePonti and Colmorgen Kids.

We called Anita Piccolie, whose family has lived at the house passed by the sidewalk since 1969, and whose 94-year-old mother still lives there.

She didn’t even know the coins were out there, let alone how they got there, but pledged to find out what she could from the neighbors. We’ll update this post if she shares something interesting.

Thanks to Joe and Anita…