stew_grill_cutsA good butcher can carve out tasty, affordable cuts for the grill, like this well-marbleized cut of boneless short rib from Monmouth Meats in Red Bank. (Photo by Jim Willis. Click to enlarge)


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PieHole does not abide by the belief that there is a grilling season, per se.

The presence of snow, rain or an arctic blast simply means we adjust our wardrobe along with our cooking time while  monitoring for flare-ups enroute to the perfect 45-degree grill marks.

That said, this weekend’s weather should allow for shorts and t-shirts while manning the grill. And that means it’s as good a time as any to check in with a few of the Green’s butchers about their favorite under-appreciated – and more affordable – cuts of meat for grilling.

We’ll begin with Stew Goldstein of Monmouth Meats in Red Bank.

Goldstein suggests we try a boneless short rib on the grill this weekend. He notes that this isn’t a cut you’re likely to find in cases at a  grocery store, so you’ll have to visit a real butcher.

“It has to be really good quality chuck for the boneless short rib to work on the grill,” he says. “And it has to be trimmed properly, too, or you’re going to be chewing it for a week.”

Goldstein tells PieHole that this cut has amazing texture and flavor, and for $7.99 a pound, it’s an affordable alternative to pricier cuts such as boneless ribeye, at $14.99 a pound.

“You don’t have to marinate this,” says Goldstein. “It’s got great flavor, I just like salt and pepper. This is what you’ll find on my barbecue.”