docoDoCo fills a hole in the store lineup at Shrewsbury Village beginning Friday. Below, a ‘canoli kronut.’ (Photo by Jim Willis. Click to enlarge)


canoli_kronutIt’s enough to make Homer Simpson drool: made-to-order donuts and kronuts are coming to the Green.

DoCo, the Farmingdale donut and coffee shop that sprang up on Route 33 last July, is opening up a second location in Shrewsbury this week.

The donut shop sells hot, fried-on-order donuts with truly inspired toppings, such as the maple-dipped donut with bacon. redbankgreen‘s PieHole food page first heard of DoCo after reading about the shop in a New York Times piece last winter on homemade donuts.

“We were looking to get close to Red Bank,” owner Nick Giamakopoulos tells PieHole, “and the [Shrewsbury Village] location gives us a bigger kitchen and a bigger store.”

Giamakopoulos tells PieHole that with the larger space, he’ll be expanding the menu to include lunch items such as savory kronuts (a croissant-donut hybrid).

“We could offer something like a New Orleans Eggs Benedict” in a kronut, he says.

DoCo will open at 7 a.m. Friday in the Shrewsbury Village Shopping Center at 555 Shrewsbury Avenue. Giamakopoulos tells us that the hours are still being worked out.