Rabbi-Brooks-SusmanPress release from Brookdale Community College

“We are living in a age of polarization,” observes Christopher Bellitto — and with religion-based tensions running high throughout the world, trying to make sense of things could be a job befitting the special skills of the God Squad.

A professor of history at Kean University, Dr. Bellitto has appeared on CNN, the History Channel and other national media outlets as an expert on church history and Catholicism. He’s teamed in the God Squad with Rabbi Brooks Susman (pictured), a humanities instructor at  Brookdale Community College and the founding rabbi of Congregation Kol Am in Freehold.

On Thursday, December 11, the popular duo of speakers will present “Jews and Christians, Words and Deeds,” on BCC’s Lincroft campus; a lively, dynamic, pre-holiday examination of the texts that serve as the basis for Western faith belief.

Scheduled from 10 am to 3 pm, the talk — which includes a light lunch — will examine the origins and evolution of the scriptures that form the basis of many western religious beliefs. With their characteristic blend of humor and scholarly discussion, the God Squad will also review Jewish and Christian relations from the cusp of World War I to the present day desire for fundamental principles.

For nearly ten years, the pair has promoted “ecumenism through education;” examining the similarities and differences between Judaism, Christianity and Islam — and, as Belitto explains, “trying to close the gap.”

Tickets for the presentation are $55. Call (732)224-2315 to register, or for event location and other details.