rb molly dome 093015The cupola of the Molly Pitcher Inn in Red Bank appeared to glow amid a backdrop of clouds Wednesday afternoon. (Photo by Trish Russoniello. Click to enlarge)

With tropical storm Joaquin having been upgraded to a hurricane, the Red Bank Office of Emergency Management issued the following statement Wednesday afternoon:

The threat of Hurricane Joaquin traveling up the east coast in the days ahead has the potential to cause severe weather in Monmouth County. It’s still too early to determine how much the storm will impact our area but it is never too early to prepare.

The Red Bank Office of Emergency Management reminds residents that they should take precautions and have a family disaster plan. People who live in flood prone areas that are affected by heavy rains are particularly being urged to stay aware and plan before a potential storm strikes.

Borough businesses using outdoor cafes or sandwich board signs should remove these items and place them indoors where they are not blocking any means of egress.

Steps that all residents can take are:

Plan & Prepare

  • Bring all outdoor items such as garbage cans, lawn furniture and other items inside prior to the storm.
  • Remove debris and keep trees trimmed.
  • Inspect outside drains to make sure they are free of clogging.
  • Secure and board up windows in your home.
  • Cars and boats should be moved to higher ground before exiting your home.
  • Store valuables and important documents in a waterproof safety deposit box in the highest level of your home.
  • Make sure generators are in working condition.  Generators should not be used indoors and outdoor locations should be located an adequate distance from your home and those of your neighbors where the product of the exhaust could enter the home and cause a Carbon Monoxide emergency.
  • All residents should have a family disaster plan ready. Know where you will be evacuating to, and plan ahead to stay with family and friends or lodging outside the area. Be sure to provide shelter for your pets and notify friends and family of your plans.
  • Before evacuating, check with your utility company in advance to find out what should be turned off.
  • Make sure your car has a full tank of gas, cells phones are fully charged, prescription medications are filled and have enough money, clothes, blankets, diapers, formula and personal items to get you through several days.
  • Prior to leaving, unplug appliances, lock your home and do not return until the area is deemed safe.

The Red Bank Office of Emergency Management is continuing to monitor the storm and will provide updates as they become available.