David Cross“Making America Great Again” has been a rallying cry for more than one TV-tested public speaker this season — and if there are, as suggested, two Donald Trumps, then there must be as many iterations of David Cross as the market will bear.

Back on the road for his first large-scale standup tour since 2009, Cross backs the campaign bus up to Red Bank’s Count Basie Theatre for an appearance Wednesday night.

The bald, bespectacled and (gone-grey) bearded actor, writer and comedian, who made his first big splash alongside Bob Odenkirk in HBO’s classic sketcher Mr. Show, has maintained fan followings through his role as the never-nude Tobias Fünke in Arrested Development; his star turn as the misguided title character of IFC’s Todd Margaret; and a string of live-action, animation, printed-word and recorded comedy projects that have netted him an Emmy, a Grammy nomination, and a place on the New York Times Best Sellers list.

Tickets ($29, $39) for Wednesday’s 8 p.m. show are gettable right here.