rb mbc 092214HOT-TOPIC_03Five months after the series began in response to a sharp increase in fecal coliform contamination, a final Rally for the Navesink event of 2016 has been scheduled. 

Organized by Clean Ocean Action and a handful of environmental advocacy groups, the periodic rallies began in June, attracting sizable audiences and offering both science-heavy updates on water quality and practical tips on keeping pollutants out of the waterway.

The next rally, scheduled for 5:30p.m. November 30 at the Monmouth Boat Club in Red Bank, seen above, will feature a session on teaching “watershed mindfulness” in schools as well as a water quality update from recent source-tracking that included bacteria-sniffing dogs. For more information, call Clean Ocean Action at (732) 872-0111.  (Photo by John T. Ward. Click to enlarge)