forrestdale-ilabThe second phase of the Innovation Lab at Forrestdale School has been designed with input from inspired students, teachers, administration and members of the community.

Press release from Rumson School District

The Innovation Lab at Forrestdale School has completed Phase 1 of its design and construction. Part of a collaborative effort between administration and teachers, the first phase was made possible through a generous donation from the Rumson Education Foundation.

Currently the home of the technology/STEM classroom, which all Forrestdale students are enrolled in, the lab includes a student activity learning area that could be configured in countless possible arrangements in order to meet the needs of the students’ technology and STEM-based activities, as well as a state-of-the-art, touch-screen teacher and student display, and other technologies.

Planning of Phase 2 of the project is nearly complete thanks to the efforts of teachers, the administration, community members and, most importantly, students of Forrestdale school.

The Rumson Education Foundation is continuing to support this project through continued fundraising during this school. This is inclusive of their main fundraising event, to be held this Saturday, November 19 at the Rumson Country Club.

Phase 2 includes a wide variety of supplies that will give students the necessary materials to design, create and problem-solve while applying the engineering design process. The lab will be comprised of several different zones where a variety of activities can be going on simultaneously. They include the Student Activity Area, the 3D Print Area, the Student Tinker Area, the Student Imagine Area (or the lounge) and the Project Storage Area. The zones and how they function were determined based on students’ feedback and suggestions after they used the lab in technology class following the completion of Phase 1.

The Innovation Lab will also be the home of the BCB Network, which uses state-of-the-art technology that broadcasts a live TV show to the students and staff of Forrestdale.

Chris Macioch, Technology/STEM Teacher, will instruct students and staff in the use of the lab’s equipment. A Google Certified Educator and Trainer, Macioch is especially pleased with being tasked with sharing the lab’s potential with the Forrestdale community and applying his passions of technology, design and creating to the assignment.

After Thanksgiving, Mr. Macioch and Superintendent John E. Bormann, Ed.D., plan to make a visit to Google’s offices in New York City to solicit ideas and inspiration to include in Phase 2 of the lab’s design. Until then, they will continue to work with students to shape the future of their technologically advanced Forrestdale Innovation Lab.