What do you do when your beloved surfboard gets stolen from your driveway? Well, first, you call the cops. Then, if you’re media maven and Red Bank resident Brian Donohue, you go wide, using your job as a video reporter to rally everyone within reach on a hunt for your most prized possession.

Donohue, who recently relocated to My9 Chasing News from, had his rare Hap Jacobs nine-foot longboard swiped from his Bank Street driveway Saturday night. He’s since embarked on a mission, aided by social media, a drone, the harshed mellow of fellow surfers and the above report to try to find it. He’s also offered a $300 reward.

“I feel like my dog died,” he said. “I just want it back, no questions asked.”

[Update: Donohue got his board back on February 25. According to a post on his Facebook page, he “got a call from a local guy named Luis who saw one of my 100 fliers posted in the neighborhood a couple of days after he found it ditched near the railroad tracks in town. I retrieved it from his garage and he refused any reward beyond the huge hug I gave him. Bad news: it has serious damage with the fin wrenched right out and the fin box pulled badly over to one side. Serious surgery required but I am optimistic it will ride again. Huge thanks to all those who shared my post, called in false alarms, loaned their drone or helped in any way. Especially Luis.” (Click to enlarge)