The atmosphere was fun and festive, during the annual “Lunch with a VIP” event at Fair Haven’s at Viola L. Sickles School.

Press release from Fair Haven School District

“Lunch with a VIP” is a yearly event that provides students the opportunity to connect with a loved one during the school day, in a highly celebratory atmosphere. This year’s VIP luncheon was held at Viola L. Sickles School between March 28 and 3, with students from first, second, and third grades sharing tables with the Very Important People in their lives.

During the hour-long celebration sponsored by the Fair Haven Parent Teacher Association, Sickles students and their VIPs enjoyed fun activities and created lasting memories. A questionnaire for VIPs was provided to encourage lunchtime discussion about “favorites” – including color, song, and holiday movie. A photo booth and professional photography by Lara Robby were featured to capture a special moment in time.

Booskerdoo coffee was available for the adults in attendance. The event concluded with a highly energetic “Just Dance” session hosted by Sickles School Principal Cheryl Cuddihy and Physical Education Teacher Dan Ranahan.

This year’s event was organized and presented by PTA Chairpersons Debi Demcsak and Aimee Doherty with the help of PTA volunteers.

“Watching our young students engage with their VIPs in such a warm and caring way reaffirms our commitment to strengthening the connection between home and school,” said Principal Cuddihy. “This annual tradition is a favorite for all who attend!”