Here’s a weather term sure to scare the bejesus out of a good percentage of those who encounter it: ‘bomb cyclone.’

That’s what forecasters say the region that includes the Greater Red Bank Green could be in for starting the early Thursday

According to NJ.com, New Jersey could experience “a minor nuisance snow event or a potentially sizable snowstorm,” depending on the track of a low pressure system heading north along the Atlantic Coast from Florida.

If the system tracks closer to shore, it “has the potential to dump as much as 10 to 12 inches of snow over many parts of our region,” according to the report. As of Tuesday evening, though, forecasters gave that scenario a 10-percent chance of playing out here, NJ.com reported.

As of early Wednesday, the National Weather Service was forecasting three to six inches will fall in the Red Bank area throughout the day Thursday. 

In the meantime, after 10 days of frigid air, Tuesday’s ‘warming,’ when temperatures rose from the teens to the mid-20s, is expected to continue for the next two days before a return Friday to a high of in the mid-teens, the NWS says.