Starting July 4, redbankgreen has a new commenting policy to go along with the Disqus commenting system in place for the past two months.

Designed to ensure, to the greatest degree possible, constructive dialogue, community building, civility and accountability, the policy requires commenters to use their real identities, which will be verified individually.

All commenters must first register with redbankgreen, using their real names, home addresses and phone numbers.

This information will be used to verify identities; additional information may also be requested. Addresses and phone numbers will not be published.

Commenters are also now required to use their real names as User Names in Disqus.

All initial posts by commenters will be blocked as “banned.” Don’t take it personally: it’s the same for everybody. Once you’ve registered and changed your User Name in Disqus, you’ll be unblocked, and your future comments will appear immediately.

As in the past, users will be free to say whatever they like in comments, though other commenters can still flag their comments. The primary goal of the changes is to reduce trolling through enhanced accountability.

For more information or to register, go to redbankgreen‘s About page and scroll down to the comments policy.

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