A fall planting of 75 young trees in Red Bank began with a gingko finding a home on Leonard Street Monday morning. 

With Lisa Simms watching, Shade Tree Committee members Boris Kofman and Remedios Quiroz install a slow-release watering bag around the tree’s base. (Photos by John T. Ward. Click to enlarge.)

Using a $30,000 New Jersey Urban & Community Forestry Stewardship Grant, the borough’s Shade Tree Committee is planting the trees throughout town this week, said Chairwoman Remedios Quiroz.

Site selection was based on requests by property owners and suggestions from the committee, with homeowners able to veto the suggestions, said committee member Boris Kofman.

Kofman said the Leonard Street location, between Shrewsbury and Bridge avenues, was ideal because it has a wide planting strip, no wires overhead, and previously had a tree.

The planting is done by the New Jersey Tree Foundation, a nonprofit that bid for and won the contract, said foundation executive director Lisa Simms, who was hand-on for the work Monday.

Species to be planted include gingko, blackgum, crabapple, elm, northern red oak and redbud, she said.

Here’s where they’ll go: Red Bank Shade Tree planting 2022

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