So much for reflexively ascribing virtues to people without first checking our facts. It turns out Dayna Stein of the Dueling Steins hasn’t been sitting out the recent weeks of ‘Where’ simply to give other readers a chance to win, as we supposed in this space last week. Instead, she tells us, we’ve had her flummoxed.

‘The first two shots were easy,’ she says in an e-mail. ‘Now it seems you have raised the bar. I am stumped, not gracious here!’

As much as we hate to be wrong about character, and as much as it pains us to have to take Dayna off the pedestal we hastily constructed for her, we can live with both if it means there’s stumpage out there. Because that’s kind of the point of Where Have I Seen This. It shouldn’t be easy, after all.

Then again, easy is a relative term, and last week, regular travelers through Little Silver were among the least challenged. The winner was Adam E, who nailed the location of those agricultural blue tubes—they’re on Seven Bridge Road, at the intersection of Silverside Avenue—before most of us were out of bed last Thursday. Four other readers also got it right.

Adam and most of the other players surmised that the tubes are sheltering grape vines, and they appear to be correct. The owners of the property weren’t home when we rang the doorbell yesterday, but the endposts on each planted row were marked with labels. We could make out ones for ‘Cabernet Sauvignon,’ ‘Pinot Noir’ and ‘Golden Muscat.’ So if those are tomatoes coming in, somebody’s got a wry sense of humor over there on the Shrewsbury River.

Let’s see if either of Dueling Steins can get back into the competition this week with the little number above. As always, we ask that you e-mail your guesses rather than sending them via Comments. Thanks for playing.



While tens of thousands of visitors sought out unobstructed views of the KaBoom Fireworks Monday night, hundreds of others chose to stand in or near the intersection of Broad and Front streets to watch the action from behind a scrim of storefronts.

Not all the pyrotechnics were visible from this unconventional vantage point. But those that cleared the rooflines repainted the downtown, if only for a flash, and proved the street throngs were onto something.


Leave it to a guy who spends his days tarring roofs and uses the name “hotmop” in his e-mail address to be first to guess the location of last week’s Where, which showed a rusting ladder in a dying tree.

Joe Ruffini, himself the subject of a redbankgreen feature last week (he’s the guy building the evironmentally ‘green’ roof atop his Maple Avenue house), was the first of several readers to accurately identify the location as the southwest corner of Irving Place and Broad Street.

No entries have been received for several weeks now from the dueling Steins, Dayna and Larry. Knowing them both, we suspect they’re being magnanimous and letting others taste the glory of winning. And as always, winning this game is a feat rewarded only with the sense of glory. In other words, no tangible goods.


Now, onto this week’s picture. Because our knowledge about agriculture is limited to vague memories of ‘Green Acres’ episodes, we’d be as interested in knowing what’s going on here as where it’s going on. Feel free to make stuff up.

As usual, we ask that you e-mail your guesses rather than sending them via Comments.



The fireworks display over the Navesink on Monday was just one part of the street theater that played out on the throng-choked thoroughfares of Red Bank on July 3. Our roving photographer asked some folks in town to show off their best facial impressions of awesome kaboomery, and more than 100 complied. (OK, the tattoo of the googly-eyed pancake doesn’t actually fit the theme, but how often will we get to run a picture of a googly-eyed pancake tattoo?)

Know any of these rubbery-faced funsters? Let them know they’re now famous, courtesy of redbankgreen.

Click on the image above to see the full chart. If it exceeds the size of your screen, try saving it to your desktop and then opening it.



Perhaps you’ve found yourself stopped at the intersection of Maple Avenue and East Bergen in Red Bank wondering, ‘What on earth is going on at the house opposite the Windward Deli?’

That? Oh, that’s just Joe Ruffini installing a green roof on his house.

What started out as a plan to create living space in his attic has turned into a somewhat more ambitious project. After he’d started the renovations, Ruffini—a roofer whose family has owned the house since the 1940s—read an article about the environmental benefits of grass-and plant-covered green roofs, and decided he had to have one, too, even though it meant more work.

“You’d think that, as a roofer, the last place I’d want to spend my free time would be on a roof,” he says. But he’d gotten the bug.

The house is still below the maximum height limit, Ruffini says, but he needs an approval from the zoning board for the railing. If he gets it, he hopes to have the job finished by summer’s end. With any luck, next time redbankgreen drops in, Ruffini will be in his verdant skybox, enjoying a Pop Warner game a quarter-mile or so away at Count Basie Field.

You can see the stadium over Ruffini’s shoulder in the photo above as he snuggles with his daughter Ariella, 12. Daughter Alyssa, 10, is on the far left, and the girls’ friend, Diana Roth, 11, of Atlantic Highlands, is in the center.


It’s official: this game has been liberated from the iron grip of the Dueling Steins, Dayna and Larry. We have a new champion, Dylan Barlett of Little Silver, who correctly identified last week’s image as the giant emblem painted on the side of Little Szechuan in Little Silver.

This week, a rusting ladder in a dying tree. Yes, we know what you’re thinking: Where haven’t I seen this? But who will be the first to answer correctly?

As usual, e-mail your guesses please, Greenies.




The winner of last week’s hotly contested WHERE HAVE I SEEN THIS? is Dayna Stein, who correctly identified the face shown as part of the mildly creepy (our words, not hers) statue called “Water’s Edge” at the Monmouth Early Childhood Education Center. The location is Union Street opposite the emergency room at Riverview Medical Center.

Dayna seems to have been eager to win. She submitted two incorrect guesses before getting it right. For those keeping track, the husband-wife team of Larry and Dayna Stein are now the winners of weeks number 1 and 2, setting up a potential Stein Family Smackdown for week 3. Stay tuned.

Again, for this week, we remind participants to submit their entries via e-mail.



OK, so that was dumb.

Last week, in the premier edition of redbankgreen, we asked readers to tell us where a photo was taken (see below on this page), with answers to be sent via Comments.

But it turns out that having all the answers out in the open meant that as soon as someone got it right, the game was effectively over. And in this case, the first poster, Larry Stein, got it. (The sign shown in the picture is on Clay Street opposite an abandoned gas station, at the corner of Harding Road, in Red Bank.)

The result was that the whole thing lacked… drama. This outcome, of course, was foreseeable. But redbankgreen is still growing its brain, so we appreciate your patience.

For this week’s teaser, we ask that you send your guesses by e-mail instead. Do you know where this picture was taken?

Again, there are no prizes to be won at this point, only bragging rights. And we’ve got to think that Larry Stein is feeling pretty damn good about himself right now…



Alternating drizzles and downpours made the Red Bank Jazz & Blues Festival a damp and occasionally drenching affair for a good part of the weekend.

But Saturday afternoon’s rain ended just in time for Toni Lynn Washington’s walloping show before a sparse crowd. "I don’t need no doctor," she sang, "cuz I know what’s ailin’ me…."

The sun finally broke through the clouds on Sunday, bringing out throngs and giving the festival a nice upbeat finish.

But oh, what might have been, right?



Recognize this image? Tell us where you think this picture was taken.

The plan is to regularly feature memory-challenging images in this space. Eventually, we hope to give away prizes for correct guesses, but we’re not set up for that right now. So at this point you’re playing for the simple pleasure of showing off your knowledge of The Green.

Post your answer via Comments, please.