After six months of delays, the Borough of Red Bank’s administrative law case against Best Liquors will finally happen next Tuesday.

That’s the plan, at least.

At stake for Best Liquors owner Sunny Sharma is his ability to sell beer, wine and liquor at the corner of Leighton Avenue and Catherine Street.

For his residential neighbors, what’s at stake is their ability to get a good night’s sleep and to wake up knowing that tiny airline-style liquor bottles haven’t rained down on their lawns and sidewalks.

Sharma is charged with five incidents of selling alcohol to minors, one of selling contraband cigarettes and one where a clerk failed to possess a borough license to sell alcohol.

But the particulars stand against a backdrop of complaints by neighbors about noise, public urination, occasional nudity and fisticuffs.

Want to bone up on all the charges? Download best_liquors_charges_and_specifications.pdf

The hearing begins at 5:30p in the council chambers at Borough Hall.

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