Having adopted a measure to cut back on nightlife noise from restaurants and bars in the business district, the Red Bank Council last night turned its attention to a quality-of-lifer in residential areas: late-night car honking.


The problem, given the tenor of the comments by councilmembers, appears to be largely, but not exclusively, one of taxis — both legit and gypsy — blaring horns for fares.

“It’s been increasing, especially in West Side neighborhoods — taxicab companies waking up everybody at all hours of the night,” said Mayor Pasquale Menna. “People have a right to expect quiet in their homes at night.”

Menna asked borough attorney Tom Hall to look into whether the town might adopt an ordinance banning honking of car horns in residential districts between 11p and 10a. All neighborhoods outside the downtown district would be covered.

Meanwhile, the nightlife noise ordinance, which requires any non-religious establishment to close its doors and windows after 11p when playing music, passed unanimously, and without comment from the public, at last night’s bimonthly council session.

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