We call them the ‘bunting boys’ because ‘The History Boys‘ is taken, and one of them is among the most vigorous 80-year-olds you’ll ever encounter (not to mention one of the most colorful wielders of the English language).

Ed Zipprich and George Bowden of the Red Bank Historic Preservation Commission are planning to canvas businesses with an offering of flags, bunting and other decorative accoutrements of old-timey American jublilees next week.


Their aim? To bedeck the proposed route of the borough’s May 17 centennial parade with as much red, white and blue as the facades can handle, and thus revive a sense of the pride and community spirit that was far more in evidence a century ago.

A recent email from Red Bank RiverCenter to its member businesses included a plug for the windowware, but drew just one response, says Bowden, the aforementioned 80-year-old. “That sort of hit the wrong button with yours truly,” he says.

So he and Zipprich will be going store-to-store, he says, trying to enlist merchants to pony up for some patriotic swag. Prices start at about $20.


What time will he hit the streets?

“I’ll walk down Broad Street with a rooster in one arm and an alarm clock in the other, and I’ll be wearing my carpet slippers,” says Bowden.

Translation: as soon as stores open.

Here’s an order form: Download merchant_bunting.doc

The parade is scheduled to start at Globe Court at East Front Street, head over to and down Broad Street to Monmouth Street, and thence across town to Shrewsbury Bridge Avenue.

From there, it heads south to Drs. James Parker Boulevard, and then east to Pearl Street and into Count Basie Field, where a townwide picnic will be held.

Deputy borough clerk Pamela Hughes Borghi is coordinating parade details. Groups that would like to march or have floats in the parade should contact her at 732.530.2797.

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