CauliflowerBetter for the environment, and maybe for you, too.

Ever wonder that yourself — what constitutes organic, and who says so? Well, tonight at the Whole Foods Market on Route 35 in Middletown tonight, environmental attorney and mother Kristin McPolin will attempt to offer some guidance.

President of Middletown-based

“Information, or lack thereof, is a big obstacle to consumers when looking at organic food,” McPolin tells redbankgreen. For example, “there are some studies that talk about organic foods being more nutritious, but that is not a conclusive finding yet.”

Still, she says, there are environmental upsides to supporting an industry that doesn’t use chemicals and pesticides, meaning there’s less polluted runoff into water, more natural soil, and less exposure of flora, fauna and workers to toxic substances.

McPolin says she and Kari Martin, an environmental advocate who’s also a co-founder of Real Mama, will discuss various factors that families and caregivers might consider in making more organic choices.

The event is free, open-to-the public and starts at 7p. Light, presumably organic refreshments will be served.

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