The folks at Dunkin’ Donuts HQ will eat this one up: redbankgreen readers apparently love their DDs.

We received a record 18 responses to last week’s ‘Where,’ and 17 of them were verifiably correct. The image was of the brand-new door pull on the DD at the City Centre shopping center at Water Street, Maple Avenue and West Front Street in Red Bank.

Dan Riordan wrote:

On Sunday morning, my 4 kids stared at that doorknob with dismay: Dunkin’ Donuts closed for renovations.

Heartbreaking, no? Well, the kids will be happy to know if they don’t already that the place is open again.

Robert Clark wrote the picture was from the DD on Route 35 in Middletown. While we personally checked out all the outlets closer to Red Bank, we didn’t make it that far into Middletown, and a woman who answered the phone at that store told us there’s no big D door handle. But we’ve gotten bad info before, so we’ll count that one as ‘undertermined’ for now.

Thanks to Dan, Robert, Stephen Mitchell, Patrick McSorley, Jennifer Diodato, Sarah Brown, Jenn Woods, Alan Placer, Dayna Stein, Monica & Scott McReady, ‘lurker,’ Bob Colmorgen and his brother, Carl, Pete DeFazio, William Crooks, Alex Turoczi, Dot Davis and Vera Hough for dropping us a line.

Now, what about this week’s pic? If you think you can ID the location, send us an email, please.

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