MustachiosNot-so-stiff upper lips: R-FH Superintendent Pete Righi, far left, with teachers Tom Toohey, Darren Beatty, Zack Wilson and Tom Highton.

It’s crunch time at Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High, where five staffers remain in a mustache-growing competition for charity.

The contest started earlier this month, when contenders who already had mustaches were required to shave them off and start over.

Since then, students have been voting for their favorite crumb catchers by depositing cash in designated bottles. Twice a week, contestants with the least cash have been eliminated.

The cultivated results have been mixed. One finalist (guess who, from the photos below) has been teased relentlessly for his meager showing, while others —all male, by pure coincidence — look merely anachronistic, like members of the Village People in schoolhouse mufti.

It’s all for the genuine corrugated-cardboard Tom Selleck belt, below, and the glory of raising money for Parents of Autistic Children. As of Monday, the kitty had grown to more than $1,200. The contest ends today.

We’ve got close-ups after the jump…


BeattyDarren Beatty, history: “I’m going for the Thurman Munson.”

RighiPete Righi, Superintendent: “I can’t wait to get rid of it. It’s bothersome. And I’m married to someone who hates facial hair.”

TooheyTom Toohey, history and special ed: “Call me Monsieur Toohey.” Mais oui!

HightonTom Highton, history: Gets the mercy vote for his bare front lawn, which he admits is “marginally creepy.” (Click to enlarge)

WilsonZack Wilson, art: “I’m going with the pyramid shape.”

BiglouAnd then there’s Luis ‘Big Lou’ Torres, who’s not in the contest, but whom each of the competitors must slink past every day at his front-door security post.

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