Another terrific turnout of responses came in on last week’s picture.

Among the 18 answers we received were just two misfires. One reader thought it was a display from the counter of the 7-11 on Branch Avenue in Little Silver; curiously, another thought it was from the Red Bank 7-11 at Maple Avenue and West Front Street.

Otherwwise, all who wrote in recognized that it was a display of pins, as in fashion accessories, in the window of the Red Bank General Store on West Front Street.

Thanks to all who wrote in: Dayna Stein, Peter Neczesny, Bob at Laird Stationery, Stew at Monmouth Meats, Sue McLaughlin at Rumson Homes, Jessica Paviluk, Joanne Soper, Bob Colmorgen, Trish DePonti, Michele, Kathleen DeVincens, Alex Turoczi, Johnnystuf, Erin Visalli (along with Jenn Woods and Carolyn, texting us while out on the town last Saturday night), Lindsey Hintelman, Donald Patterson, Jake Rue and Kristen Cooper Rainey at Little Willow.

Want to take a crack at the location (or provide any info) about the subject of this week’s photo? Send us an email with “Where Have I Seen This?” in the subject line, please.

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