In today's edition of Red Bank oRBit, editor Tom Chesek reports on how an Asbury Park restaurateur wound up going toe-to-toe with professional skinflint Suze Orman on a webcast edition of the Oprah Show recently.

Jeff Haveson of Restaurant Plan B was incensed after Orman suggested to Oprah viewers that they not eat out at a restaurant for a month as a belt-tightening measure. So Haveson wrote to the show, and was chosen to rebut Orman.

"How can I support my family, have my employees support their families,
if nobody’s coming in to eat?" he asked Orman. "There’s got to be better ways for people
to save money… like, don’t go to a sporting event."

We've got Orman's rather belittling response, and Haveson's view of the flap.

Also in today's edition: details on a trio of art exhibits. Only at Red Bank oRBit.


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