hot-topic rightRed Bank police will roll out a portable flashing sign warning motorists not to block intersections at the north end of Route 35/Maple Avenue, Captain Darren McConnell tells redbankgreen.

But fixing traffic tie-ups in the vicinity of new traffic lights at West Front Street and the West Street/White Street intersection “is less a matter of enforcement than it is about the timing of the lights,” McConnell says.

Responding to issues raised at Monday night’s borough council meeting about northbound rush-hour traffic causing backups on Monmouth West and White streets, McConnell says state Department of Transportation engineers expected they’d have to tweak the timing of the lights after completing a $1.5 million installation job last year.

He said he’d be in contact with the agency about doing just that. Meantime, the portable sign will  be posted in the northbound lane of Maple Avenue just south of the Monmouth Street intersection within the next few days.

McConnell, who heads the department’s traffic safety division, says he’ll also ask the state to consider putting up permanent “don’t block the box signs,” a measure he was reluctant to push for earlier.

“We didn’t want them oversigning the intersections” unnecessarily, he says.