Got a guess for this week’s Where? Tell it to the hand.

Last week’s photo showed a bit of nautical what-nottery. What is it? Our crack research department didn’t come up with the answer, so we’re crowd-sourcing this one. No doubt some old salt at the bar knows. iZap the info here, please, matey.

Plenty of our readers knew where it was, though: Barnacle Bill’s restaurant, overlooking our beautiful Navesink River from its perch at the foot of First Street in Rumson.

Hearty thanks to all who wrote in: Mike Halfacre, Kevin Maude, Mark Davis, Bruce Whitaker, Wade Davis, Ben Smith, Lindsey Hintelmann, Matt Villa, Doug Schoorens, Joe Canfried, Pamela Stockham, Ellen Clayton, the Colmorgen Kids, Todd Weidman, Karly Pratt Swaim, Chris Cornette, Mark Lonergan, Adam O’Brien, Fred Blumberg, Eric Walby, Trish DePonti and Johnnystuf.