He was called a lot of things in his day, many of them unprintable in your virtual family newspaper — but  in today’s edition of Red Bank oRBit, you’ll hear Norman Mailer referred to as a great and good friend.

In his memoir Mornings with Mailer, author Dwayne Raymond (right, with Mailer) conjures his years as editorial assistant, cook, confidant and yes, friend to the late great novelist, essayist, poet, moviemaker and alpha-dog celeb of American letters. Raymond comes to Red Bank for a reading and signing appearance at Kim Widener‘s new NovelTeas Authors Aromas & Gifts on Bridge Avenue tomorrow evening, and we’ve got an exclusive interview with him right here, right now.

Also today, a look at two Holocaust themed events that compel the attention — a single-performance stand for the one-woman play Etty at Brookdale Community College (directed by the familiar stage/ screen/ TV actor Austin Pendleton), and a serious cinema event at the JCC of Monmouth in which acclaimed filmmaker Anne Aghion will join two generations of genocide survivors for a live discussion. It’s all happening in the early days of the week, and it’s all here in Red Bank oRBit.