eside-cafe-050310Passersby peer through the window of the newly-closed East Side Café Diner Monday afternoon. Below, a sign taped to the door of the Häagen-Dazs. (Click to enlarge)


A pair of longtime Red Bank food establishments failed to reopen Monday.

One was the East Side Cafe Diner at 179 Broad Street, next door to the Verizon building. A “Gone out of business” sign was hung on the door of the eatery.

Best known for breakfasts and lunches, it had tried introducing dinners a few years ago, but its booths remained unused at the supper hour.

daz-all-folks-2-050310The bench outside the Häagen-Dazs was popular among customers. (Click to enlarge)

The other store to call it quits was the Häagen-Dazs ice cream store at 90 Broad, which had long been the subject of rumors that it would close.

No information was immediately available about either closing.