Week two in redbankgreen‘s Cool Inside series of summer treats takes us smack up against the beach to Gracie & the Dudes in Sea Bright for a pair of ice-cold, mouthwatering beverages.

What are they called?
Order up a Frozen Cranberry Lemonade or Frozen Hot Chocolate. One’s fragrant and fruity, the other dark and rich. Each flowing with lip-smackin’ appeal.

Regular size $4.25, large $4.75

Where are they sold?
Gracie and the Dudes
1062 Ocean Avenue
Sea Bright

What’s in them?
All-natural sorbets provide the foundation for each, starting with cranberries and lemon for the lemonade, and cocoa, milk, and sugar for the choco.

Like the ice cream and other goodies on the menu, “we make it all right here,” says co-owner Brian McMullin, and the ingredients include only words you can pronounce.

Who created it?
Husband and wife Brian and Michelle McMullin, who have more than 16 years experience in the frozen dessert biz as owners and operators of Dairy Queen and Rita’s Italian Ice franchises.

In 2009, they opened this store, named after most of their children: Grace, Brian and Will. Daughter Sadie, the newest of McMullin sprinkles, will have her existence incorporated into the name “before she notices she is missing,” the McMullins say on the store’s breezily-written website.

Is there a story behind these drinks?
Brian is always trying out new flavor combos, especially on Michelle, who is often called upon to participate in at-home taste tests. One tinkering lead McMullin to the idea of taking a winter drink and making it in summer. Voila! Thick like a milkshake, the Frozen Hot Chocolate was born. The McMullins also offer samples to customers for opinions.

What’s great about them? What makes them stand out?
All-natural hot fudge, caramel, marshmallow and fresh fruit toppings. Except when you add whipped cream, sorbets are fat-free and refreshing.

Speaking of the Frozen Cranberry Lemonade, Michelle says, with a chuckle, “You can add a shot of vodka — not here — but at home. It’s a good time!”

Fill in the blank with the first word that comes to mind:
If this product didn’t exist, life would be: “unsweet!” (Brian) and “dry!” (Michelle).