artist-day-laurie-ruggeri-2010-smallerArtist Laurie Ruggeri of Middletown vends her wares in a cozy greenhouse setting during last year’s Artist Weekend at Sickles Market.

While the weather may have turned a corner for the time being, the world outside on the greater ‘green is still something of a study in bare trees, washed-out watercolors and soot-stained snow heaps.

Inside the greenhouse of Sickles Market, however, it’s a bloom of life and color, courtesy of an array of spring flowers and the “abundant local talent” on display during the Little Silver landmark’s annual Artist Day weekend.

This weekend, a panoply of painters, photographers, sculptors, sketchers, jewelry/ accessory artisans and even finessors of “found objects” will be showing off their stuff in a free stroll-thru bazaar of things to see and buy.

The two-day “Day” runs from 11a to 3:30p on both Saturday and Sunday — and each day will assemble a different set of creative local people, with approximately a dozen artists showing off their work and offering demonstrations of their technique.

Attendance is free, and proceeds from all art sales go directly to the artists — a win/win for shut-in creatives and shovel-shocked Shore denizens alike, and the most welcome signifier of springtime this side of Punxsutawney.