Crusty Fungus is sort of a schizoid bunch.

As Billy Deyback and bandmate K2NUH, both of Middletown, cranked out cover songs and originals on Broad Street Thursday, redbankgreen stopped them simply to ask, what’s the name of your band?

The initial response was Crusty Fungus, but Deyback decided on the spot to change the name. He couldn’t think of a fresh one, so went with Billy Deyback and Friends.

Then we asked what kind of music Billy Deyback and Friends plays.

“I call it pop, but it’s very crusty,” Deyback said.

K2NUH chimed in, saying it’s more like gypsy punk.

“So, pop, crusty and gypsy punk,” Deyback said, then thought more. “Gypsy music or jazz pop. Or folk.”

Well, watch the video above to decide for yourself. Song’s called “Be Wrong.” Crusty Fungus, or Billy Deyback and Friends — whoever they are — can often be seen playing, if not on a sidewalk somewhere, at Jamian’s or Espresso Joe’s in Keyport, Deyback said.

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