She’s all set for her walk down the aisle… Now, which way to Westminster Abbey?

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Last week, as Suzann Cahill and Pat Mason knew, our photos showed decorative tile details from the new Route 36 Highlands Bridge over the Shrewsbury River, also known as the Highlands-Sea Bright Bridge, the Sea Bright-Highlands Bridge and the Gonna-be Joe Azzolina’s Bridge.

Thanks to Suzann and Pat for writing in, and extra thanks to Pat for sending us photos of the old bridge pillars, above, which he came across in a storage shed while the new bridge was being built.

The tiles on the new bridge were recycled from the old, Pat tells us.

The new 65-foot-high, $124 million span – which replaced a 35-footer that the state Department of Transportation called “the worst movable bridge in the state,” and “one of the five worst bridges in the state overall” – is slated for an official ribbon-cutting on the Highlands side at 1 p.m. on Sunday.