sb-fairThe rides and games are staged and ready for the Sea Bright Firemens’ Fair. (Photo by Dustin Racioppi; click to enlarge)


The Sea Bright Firemen’s Fair, if you haven’t been, is pretty much like any other you’d find in the area. Funnel cakes, games of chance, live music are all on tap.

But what sets this seaside celebration apart from most is one killer view.

“We’ve got a huge Ferris wheel and you can look right out into Manhattan,” said Kathy Morris, the borough’s recreation director.

Now in year four, the firemen’s fair is a chance for locals to soak in the sights and catch beachfront action before the summer blitz.

Morris said the fair draws thousands from the area, making it one of the borough’s most anticipated attractions.

“Every year we have a little bit more success,” she said.

The success, of course, is contingent upon the weather. The forecast isn’t favorable, calling for chances of thunderstorms all four days.

But don’t let that keep you in. Weather reports are never accurate anyway, right?

The schedule for the fair, at the old Peninsula House parking lot, is as follows:

5 to 11 pm. Thursday

5 p.m. to midnight Friday

4 p.m. to midnight Saturday

2 to 9 p.m. Sunday