Whoa, easy there, fella. If you smell meat, it’s only because we’ve just come from the butcher shop.

Citarella’s Meats & Deli, that is, on Prospect Avenue in Red Bank. That’s where we took last week’s Where, showing a wine press / cider press that’s on display on the sidewalk in front of the store.

The store’s website has a bit of compelling history to it. Though most of us know Citarella’s as the only remaining grocery on the town’s East Side, the business started as a storefront 101 years ago on Bridge Avenue, opposite the train station. And that was a full decade after Italian immigrant Andrew Citarella started “selling meats from his front porch.”

Thanks to Carmelina MacPherson, jksggiglio, Arlene Holiday, Joseph Lauterwasser, Mart Haviland, Marta Quinn, Joan Jay and Trish DePonti for writing in.

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