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Inside Jersey, the monthly magazine of the Star-Ledger, calls out Red Bank as one of ‘Jersey’s Dining Dozen’ in it’s latest issue.

Calling out eight eateries, writer and Munchmobile maven Peter Genovese says Red Bank offers “the Jersey Shore’s liveliest dining scene outside Atlantic City.”

Spotlighted for paragraph-long reviews are:

• Basil T’s, which Genovese says “may have the best food of any of the state’s 20-plus brew pubs.”

• Bienvenue: “Resist, if you can, the ile Flottante (egg white meringue served on creme anglaise and topped with caramel) or poire belle Helene (fresh pear covered with dark melted Belgian chocolate with chantilly cream and served in a martini glass).”

• Dish: A locally sourced eatery that “wears its farm-and-market-to-table credentials proudly.”

• Good Karma Café: “Leave those organic-vegan stereotypes at the door; the food’s quite good.”

• La Pastaria: Offering “consistently good homestyle Italian food since opening in 1993.”

• Juanito’s: “”Authentic Mexican food” may be the three most overused words in the culinary dictionary, but [owner Juan] Torres gets it right, with a menu as expansive as the burritos and enchiladas.”

• Siam Garden: “Thai desserts are underrated; try the poh pia kanoon (deep-fried spring roll filled with Thai jackfruit with caramel orange sauce and vanilla ice cream) or the banana lumpia (deep-fried banana wrapped in spring roll wrapper).”

• Via 45: “This is a restaurant with a communal table (!), a restaurant that makes up its menu each day as it goes along. But if you are willing to engage in some mindful eating, are willing to freely accept that your restaurant also is a lending library and an art gallery — and that you’ll be invited into the kitchen to watch your meal be prepared — then you’ll appreciate fully the Via 45 experience.”

Also mentioned:

[O]ne of the state’s best Irish pub-restaurants (Dublin House) and one of its best cheese stores (the Cheese Cave). Maybe the Shore’s best soup can be found in the tiny That Hot Dog Place. Skip the dogs, go with the soup.