thanksgiving barber 1Rocky’s Barbershop. Barber: Michelle Rago. Chair: Anonymous (she played hooky). (Photo by Jim Willis. Click to enlarge)

morsels smallTo get a sense of how folks around the greater Red Bank Green will be celebrating Thanksgiving this week, PieHole checked in with a few area barbers and hair stylists. Here’s number four in the series.

Rocky’s Barbershop, Wallace Street, Red Bank.

Barber/Stylist: Michelle Rago, Fair Haven. Going to my parents in Fair Haven. My mom cooks like we’re having about 500 people over and we have about six because she’s Italian and doesn’t know how to cook little. We’ll have just the regulars: turkey, pasta, a lot of desserts. Wine. It’s nice.

Chair: Called in sick to work and doesn’t want to get busted.