Three dozen readers recognized the building shown in last week’s Where Have I Seen This?, even though the view was of the back wall of a gas station.


Where_030614-v2Of course, there were some distinctive visual clues. Like the billboard on the roof and the three-story, red brick office building in the background.

Only two of the 36 readers who wrote in got it wrong. One mistook it for the back of a building at East Front  and Broad streets in Red Bank. Another thought it was at the old Rassas Pontiac site on Broad, future home a Walgreens pharmacy.

All others knew it as Sue Noone described it: “the closed-down Bridge Avenue Gas (formerly Jimmy’s Sunoco) on the corner of Bridge Avenue and Riverside Avenue, next to Basil T’s [in Red Bank]. Across the street is the brick Judith Stanley building.”

Or, as these Wheregulars put it…

Wade Davis: “that gas station that is never open…”

Dan Mancuso: “that depressing gas station next to Basil’s…”

Michael McMahon: “that horrible little gas station…”

Kirsten Ramirez: “That’s behind Basil’s,  or Franky’s (Basil’s head bartender) driveway…”

Joe Marczak: “the VNA building on the corner of Route 35 & Riverside Ave., which means the photo is the back of the former Bridge Avenue gas station. Looks pretty bad I might add.”

That’s a front view above right, by the way.

In addition, we heard from Mark Lonergan, Lindsey Hintelmann, Tim Lake, Yvonne MacDonald, Bruce Whitaker, Reg Mack, Pete DeFazio, Ken Ameika, Peter Simpson, Jenn Woods, the Colmorgen Kids, Kate Brannan, Amanda Robles, Eleanor Blass, Parker Trasborg, David Willis, John Ekdahl, Andrew Rytter, Lory Karakashian, Kirk Openshaw, Les Hathaway, Guy Johnson, Macy Riley, Rick Gill, Alicia Woods, Paul McCue, Gale Brennan,  Evie Kelly and, of course, Trish DePonti.

Thanks to all!

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