blipcheckRed Bank Regional Education Foundation President Paul Noglows (center) presents a symbolic check for $23,533 to Principal Risa Clay and RBR Superintendent Jim Stefankiewicz, to finance the new digital multi-media program known as Buccaneer Live Information Portal (BLIP).

Press release from Red Bank Regional High School

At a recent meeting of the Red Bank Regional Board of Education, Paul Noglows, President of the RBR Education Foundation (RBREF) presented RBR Superintendent Jim Stefankiewicz and Principal Risa Clay with a $23,533 check to finance a school multi-media, digital display system.

Known as the Buccaneer Live Information Portal or B.L.I.P., the system enables the student body to receive multi-media information via three large LCD screens in key locations of the school building. The digital platform allows material to be easily uploaded through a computer server or broadcast in real time.

“We can live stream video that our TV Production class creates for morning announcements or special programs,” Dr. Stefankiewicz explained. He added, “We can keep our students informed with current events, or stream pictures of important moments that occur throughout school life including athletics, academic competitions and visual and performing arts programs. The possibilities are endless, as long as we can access it via a computer server.”

A giant 80 inch screen will be located at the front entrance of the school displaying pictures and video that depict the events of the Red Bank Regional School District and communicate written information. Two smaller screens will be placed in areas where students congregate most, namely the Commons and Cafeteria.

The RBREF raises funds through its signature events such as A Day at the Races and the Sunday Showcase, as well as an annual event journal supported by local businesses to benefit the students of RBR through a wide range of educational enrichment, most of which is no longer included in a fiscally tight school budget. Visit here for more information on the RBREF,  or follow the organization on Facebook.