globe_burgerPieHole takes in some March Madness at the Globe. (Photo by Jim Willis. Click to enlarge)


Ah, the Globe. Home to arguably the best burger in Red Bank and beyond. Moreover, you’ll almost certainly get to enjoy that burger without having to rub elbows at the bar with someone who’s just had his Maserati valet-parked on Broad Street, making the company as good as the food.

PieHole grabbed an order of buffalo wings ($8.50) and our neighbor and frequent lunch partner Brian McCourt ordered the Globe Burger with sliced cheddar ($8.50 with fries) paired with a pint of Carton Brewery Red Rye Returning ($5.00).

For the unfamiliar, the Globe Burger – like any good burger grilled at a bar – is thick and juicy, not too firmly packed and comes on a roll that can stand up to the heft. We typically order it with the cheddar sauce, which has a creamy bite that pairs nicely with the ground beef.

If the Globe doesn’t have the best burger in the area, we’d like to know who does. Drop us a comment below.