sugarrush chris paseka (1)Chris Paseka of Red Bank’s Sugarush talks to PieHole about appearing on Food Network’s ‘Rewrapped.’ (Photo by Jim Willis. Click to enlarge)


morsels mediumHow hard is it to replicate the taste and texture of a classic cookie?

Chris Paseka and Jesse Bello of Red Bank’s East Front Street cupcakerie, Sugarush will show the world what’s involved when they appear as contestants Monday night on a new Food Network program, Rewrapped.

Each episode of the show takes a popular snack food and asks the competitors to recreate it and then use it in a recipe. In their episode, airing at 8 p.m., Paseka and Bello compete against each other and a third contestant in trying to recreate the Entenmann’s chocolate chip cookie.

Is your mouth watering for a glass of milk to dunk them in? Ours is.

Paseka tells tells PieHole he’s an Entemann’s choco-chip fan, and wishes he and Bello, his husband, were given a cupcake to recreate on the show instead of a cookie. After all, they were booked on the show after a  a Food Network producer had their cupcakes at an event.

Still, “we’re glad we didn’t get a cupcake for our episode, because it shows we are versatile,” says Paseka.

The pair haven’t seen the episode yet, and don’t know how it’s been edited, but will be watching it on Monday night at New Corner Pizza, also on East Front Street. The public is invited to join in the viewing.

“We’re going to do cupcakes and champagne at New Corner if people want to come by and watch it,” says Paseka.