An old house-turned-retail building in Fair Haven’s historic business district literally went up on blocks Thursday. What’s Going On Here? Read on.

The structure, believed to be about 150 years old, is part of a planned new office building at 812-814 River Road for ForeFront Corporation, based a few doors west.

It was elevated in preparation for relocation, as early as Friday, to the rear of the property so a new foundation can be built, Forefront principal Michel Berger told redbankgreen. The first step, however, turned out to be a bit tricky because of water and termite damage, he said.

Eventually, the structure will be moved onto the new foundation and joined to a replica of a another building that was demolished last month. Completion is expected by Christmas, Berger said.

For more about the project, check out redbankgreen‘s coverage here. (Photo by John T. Ward. Rendering by Matt Cronin. Click to enlarge)