The Fab Faux take the Basie stage Saturday for a full-on recreation of the revolutionary Beatles album ‘Revolver.’ (Photo by Michael Weintraub)

In a season that’s justifiably obsessed with the golden anniversary of a little phonograph record by the name of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, it might be easy to overlook the album that truly made the Pepper platter possible: Revolver, the 1966 Beatles release that kicked off the Fab Four’s focus on studio projects in earnest — and an idea-packed long-player that more than a few observers consider to be the greatest rock album of all time.

For the 16th edition of what’s become a dependable signifier of summer in Red Bank, the super-sessionman Beatle-reboot known as the Fab Faux takes the stage of Red Bank’s Count Basie Theatre Saturday night for a performance of Revolver in its entirety, plus a mixed set of classic hits.

Followers know that the five-man Faux, founded by longtime Letterman bassist (and accompanist to all four former Beatles at various pints in his career) Will Lee, has far outlasted the reign of the John-Paul-George-Ringo foursome. Featuring Conan O’Brien bandleader Jimmy Vivino and New York session aces Frank Agnello, Rich Pagano and Jack Petruzzelli, it’s a headliner-quality act that disdains the Beatlemania wigs-and-costumes approach in favor of top-shelf musicianship, super-tight vocal harmonies, and a fairly awesome ability to recreate recordings that the Beatles themselves never attempted on the live stage.

For Saturday’s 8 p.m. show, the Faux-men, who delivered recent homages to the albums Magical Mystery Tour and Rubber Soul, will be joined by their frequent collaborators the Hogshead Horns and the Creme Tangerine Strings for a lip-to-label journey through the landmark album that gave the world everything from the upbeat the infectious singalong “Yellow Submarine” to the bitterly snarky “Taxman.”

Take it here for available tickets ($69 – $99).