The Shrewsbury First Aid Squad is based on Haddon Avenue.

Press release from the Shrewsbury First Aid Squad

The Shrewsbury First Aid Squad is looking for volunteers, and hoping to make signing up more attractive.

It is harder to get new members these days to give up their time to take the course, train and sit for the state certification test to become an Emergency Medical Technician, or EMT, a process that takes 230 hours.

To attract new members, we have changed our policy and we are going to accept EMRs — Emergency Medical Responders. These new trainees will drive the ambulance and take only a 60-hour first aid course to assist the EMTs on calls. We will be holding our first class for EMR training  in midJanuary.

This will help us stay viable as a volunteer EMS agency servicing our town. For more information, visit the website or stop by the headquarters at 115 Haddon Avenue.