[Press release]

Fisk Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Fair Haven was the recipient OF an outpouring of community assistance on September 12, when local volunteers helped paint the house of worship.

Church member Melanie Woods had posted a request on Facebook asking for assistance in painting the exterior of the church, as most of its small (but mighty) congregation are senior citizens and unable to provide more than donations and encouragement.

“It was a true blessingĀ  to have many neighbors in the Fair Haven and Red Bank
community come over to help out, bringing their own tools, gardening equipment, and power washer to assist us mightily in scraping, painting, planting, hosing, and generally providing usĀ  with manpower, support, fellowship and love,” she said.

The following Saturday, a professional painter volunteered his services, using his high-reaching ladders to paint the higher portions of the church.