After five three years in some dark corner, the tarps come off the Red Bank Townwide Yard Sale Saturday.

With 62 (and counting) sellers participating and a weather forecast of sunny skies, it’s looking to be a bonanza for buyers and sellers alike.

Organized by the Red Bank Public Library as a fundraiser (through a seller’s registration fee), the event features an interactive map showing sale locations and descriptions of items being sold.

Using the map, “buyers can decide if they want to hit South Street for baseball memorabilia and vinyl records, Shrewsbury Avenue for some tools, or North Bridge Avenue for some vintage souvenir bells,” said library volunteer Beth Hanratty. “Buyers can hit up multiple sites for bikes, clothes, and furniture.”

Paper copies are available at the library, located at 84 West Front Street.

Participants are asked to maintain social distances and be respectful of each other’s space to help combat the spread of COVID-19. In the event of rain (which the National Weather Service gives a low probability), sellers will make their own determinations of whether to proceed; there is no rain date, and shoppers are asked not to call the library for weather-related status.

[Correction: The last edition of this even was in 2018, not 2016 as incorrectly reported in the original version of this post.]

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