A revived Red Bank Townwide Yard Sale raised $700 for the Red Bank Public Library Saturday.

It also and gave sellers and freecyclers a means of getting household goods into new hands.

Among them was Monique McSorley, who moved to River Street with husband, Brad, and their son, James, in June, bringing boxfuls of toys they kept so they might get them into the hands of other children, she said.

“We’re just so glad the town is doing this,” she said.

Above, scenes from Harrison Avenue, top, and River Road. More photos from around town are below. (Photos by Trish Russoniello and John T. Ward. Click to enlarge.) 

Hudson Avenue.

River Road.

Leighton Avenue.

Peters Place.

A whole mess ‘o Hess trucks on High Street.

River Street.

Peters Place.

Mechanic Street.

Leighton Avenue.

James McSorley minding the register on River Street.

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